Registration and legalization of entities of entrepreneurial activity

The legal assistance provided by our company specialists at this stage during the creation of legal entities of different economic and organizational forms, as well as non-profit organizations will allow you to evaluate all the existing risks and develop a strategy before the registration procedure, which will avoid them in the long run.

Creating a business organization involves two main steps

Establishment of an entrepreneurial organization takes place in two important stages. The first stage is preparation that may be the longest, most complicated, and most responsible for future business people. At this stage, the local legal scheme of the company is drafted, which is reflected in the founding documentation – founding treaty or statute. The legal person relies on this documentation in the course of their entrepreneurial activity. In the second stage, the state registration of a joint-stock company or a public limited company takes place. For the creation of the entrepreneurial activity without the creation of a legal person, only the second stage is required, i.e. the state registration.

Our staff will be happy to help you select and classify all types of future activities and choose the most suitable control system. Our lawyers also carry out registrations of foreign investments, changes in the types of activity, changes of physical or legal address, changes in the statutes.

Services for commercial organizations:

  • Preparation of articles of incorporation and other constitutional documents;
  • Tax and economic advice in the course of the selection of the economic-organizational form;
  • Registration of private companies;
  • Registration of a public limited company;
  • Registration of branches and representations of legal entities;
  • Registration of a joint-stock company
  • Reorganization of economic entities (merger, affiliation, division, segregation) according to the client’s request; 
  • Consultation regarding reorganization, preparation of necessary documents.

Services for non-economic organizations:


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