Employment Law

It is known that the foundation of the personal development of man is work. Work has always been an absolute necessity for everyone, and not just for development, but also in general, in the sense of simple survival, if one is only dependent on oneself. Only the ability of the person to work enables their rise on social levels.

Labor disputes and their solution

Our lawyers address the problems that arise in front of our clients with the understanding of how delicate the problems of labor law can be and how far their potential consequences can lead. It is quite natural that at some stage the interests of the employee and the employer do not match for different reasons. For this reason, many disputes can arise which often have to be resolved in court.

With our highly qualified assistance in employment law, we rely on in-depth knowledge and great practical experience in this field.

Our services in solutions of labor disputes:

  • Accompaniment in court in case of wrongful dismissal;
  • Consultations in drafting the employment contract;
  • Consultations regarding recruitment or reconnection;
  • Resolution of individual employment disputes;
  • Advice on valid regulations in employment law;
  • Consultations regarding “what and how” must be done at termination;
  • Legal assistance in case of transfer to another job, change of working conditions or salary, temporary breaks for maternity leave or cessation of production;
  • Advising on penalties for employees for damages;
  • Creation of internal operating regulations, job descriptions, descriptions of structural units, preparation and registration of collective contracts and other local documentation of the establishment;
  • Legal assistance in resolving labor disputes and conflicts;
  • Preparation of layout drafts and other documentation governing the responsibilities and awards of employees;
  • Legal assistance in maintaining the work permit for foreign employees;
  • Advice to legal entities regarding cuts and layoffs;
  • Legal review of contracts (employment contracts);
  • Creation of optimized taxation schemes in the area of ​​employment relationships.


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