LLC – Limited Liability Company today is the cheapest, most convenient and most universal form of business of all allowed in Ukraine. However, if the registration of a physical entrepreneur person is quite simple, so there are many difficulties in the registration of a Limited Liability Company. Therefore, if you do not pay attention to all the details, you can affect the successful development of the business.

One or more persons, whereby the initial capital is divided into shares, can found a LLC. The size of the share is determined and regulated by statute principles. Under current law, the number of founders cannot exceed 10 people.

Advantages of registering a LLC:

  • Possible registration of several founders;
  • No restrictions on the maximum or minimum rate for the founding fund; 
  • Responsibility of the founders according to the share in the initial capital; 
  • Simplified ability to leave the founding group and carry out the founding share compared to other forms of business management;
  • The registration process is very fast and requires much less documentation.

Documents required to register a LLC if the founder is a physical person:

  • Notarized power of attorney for the representation of interests of the LLC in state offices at the registration of the economic subject with the signature of the director;
  • Passport copy of the person who has Ukrainian citizenship and is the founder, or the foreign citizen (copy with translation), or copy of the residence permit, if the person has no or not Ukrainian citizenship;
  • Passport copies of Ukrainian citizens occupying senior positions in the LLC;
  • Copies of evidence of identification numbers given by the founder and senior managers.

Documents required for registering a LLC if the founder is a legal entity:

  • Minutes of the plenary meeting of the participants (founding decision) on joining the founder group of the LLC;
  • Photocopies (two) of the registration certificate of the legal entity; 
  • Photocopy of the extract from the Statistical Office; 
  • Photocopy of the statute of the legal person; 
  • Inventory list of assets included in the initial capital if it is to consist of assets; 
  • Papers confirming the power of attorney to sign documents on behalf of the legal entity, the founder (authorization from the director, appointment confirmation from the director); 
  • Excerpt from the unified state register confirming the information about the legal entity founding the LLC.

Our law office offers services for a turnkey registration of the LLC. The services for registration of a LLC include:

Registration procedure of the LLC registration in the unified register Constitution of the founding documentation for the LLC Copy of the stamp for the LLC
Analysis of the LLC lists in the register regarding the existence of other structures with the same name Registration of the LLC in the Statistical Office Registration of the LLC in the tax office


After registration of the Limited Liability Company, you will receive the corresponding extract from the Uniform State Register of legal persons and physical entrepreneurs. Your Limited Liability Company must then operate on the basis of the general taxation system. However, if you wish later, you can also switch to the simplified taxation system or become a VAT taxpayer. Thereafter, the director of the Limited Liability Company is obliged to open the company account in a bank.