Services of a lawyer

Arbitration of disputes under housing and tenancy law covers a large part in the services of our law firm. It is natural for anyone to have a desire to possess his or her own home, which is not only cozy, modern, but also legally acquired. Otherwise, you will get many problems. Here are services of our lawyers:

Legal advice in housing law Representation of the defendant or the prosecutor in court when dealing with questions in the housing law Arbitration of housing disputes before the court hearing Aid in solving complex housing disputes in difficult situations

We have been dealing with housing law issues for quite some time, and dozens of the hundreds of cases that we have solved positively for our clients are an unmistakable testament to the high level of professionalism of our lawyers. Therefore, you should contact us immediately if you get a problem related to disputes around the apartment (land). The sooner you get the help of an experienced lawyer, the more chance you have of winning the dispute.


When would you need advice from a lawyer on housing law?

In fact, there are countless situations when you need professional advice. That could be:

  • Necessary accompaniment in the drafting of purchase contracts for houses or apartments;
  • Details on rental of real estate;
  • Problems with the taxation of buildings, constructions;
  • Problems with mortgage clearance;
  • Problem cases in building cooperatives;
  • Fines for replanning of living spaces without official permission, etc.

On the website of our law firm, you can use the right to the first consultation online. Our experienced lawyers for housing law will quickly and easily solve your difficulties and help you to develop the best, professional and efficient negotiation strategy.

The lawyer helps you with this advice:

  • How to perform a professional legal analysis of the documents you have. Starting with the apartment book and up to complaints, demands, and contracts of different character;
  • Which documents and certificates you need;
    • the lawyer will help you to plan your next steps to get the desired result in court.

Expert advice in housing law is only the beginning stage in the work.

During the trial, you will be accompanied and represented by our lawyer at the pre-trial stage of mediation of the dispute in the discussions with other parties in the case and, if necessary, defended in court.


What else does the lawyer for housing law do?

Very often one needs  professional advice in matters of renewed constitution of documents (contracts) with real estate acquisition. An experienced lawyer will assist you in changing the legal status of real estate that you own so that you can perform required activities. You also often need legal help in housing law if you are planning real estate transactions with the participation of third parties. Not less important is the help of a lawyer, even in the emergence of disputes that are concerning apartments, houses, other buildings and constructions. A good lawyer can settle such a conflict.

The List of Housing Advice Services includes:

  •  Deliberations in inheritance law;
    • Constitution and presentation of a lawsuit; 
    • Active participation in the pre-trial preparation stage; 
    • Assistance in questions of real estate blocking on the disputed property (if necessary); 
    • Assistance with preparation of documents; 
    • Presence and active participation in court hearings.


What services can the lawyer for housing law offer in real estate transactions?

Often there are problems with real estate transactions. Our lawyers can provide the following help:

  •  Examining the documents for real estate ownership and other documents (in case of a court divorce);
    • Accompanying the purchase or sale contracts of objects in new buildings;
    • Accompanying rental contracts or contracts of sublease; 
    • Assistance with the constitution of the pension contract; 
    • Help and constitution of the donation certificates.

Apart from the accompaniment in the execution of typical or commercial real estate transactions, conflict situations sometimes occur with neighbors or municipal offices. In this case, you need help from a lawyer for housing law.