Consultancy and legal services of the law firm “Bidniahin and Partners”

Services of a lawyer and an attorney helps clients in legal proceedings to achieve desired justice in different situations. In the course of daily diligent work of our lawyers, we have developed a unique system for the protection of interests and legal rights in the specialized and general courts and in the European Court of Human Rights.

Our lawyers provide highly qualified advice on all legal issues that interest you. We participate directly in dispute resolution and conflicts, including conflicts over land ownership.

In our work, we actively use methods to solve pre-litigation issues, which above all help our clients to keep money and, more importantly, their health.

If despite all the measures taken, the case must be resolved in court, we will accompany you with full responsibility throughout the entire process, assisting you even in the most complicated time – during the execution of the court ruling.

More and more people today deal with different problems at different levels of social coexistence, the solution is only possible with legal help. In this context, disputes and conflicts can arise in seemingly ordinary everyday situations that cannot be solved on a “peaceful” basis, so that one needs advice from the lawyer.

Legal advice

A legal advice provides a detailed assessment of the resulting problem situation and its detailed analysis. After that, one or at the same time several other options of actions become possible, or, in other words, a special strategy for the case is elaborated, with detailed explanations for the client of the possible developments of the events after the choice of one or the other variant.

After the collective discussion and the joint choice of one of the ways (as a professional and experienced professional, the lawyer must help his client with this very important decision), the lawyer prepares all necessary documents which are usually used in today’s bureaucracy-overloaded courts (or other institutions). Moreover, that is a lot and a lot of it. Of course, the law does not oblige to consult a lawyer for the preparation of the documents. However, it would be better to do that because a small, seemingly insignificant error in completing a form can become a source of serious problems: delay in preparation of other documents, delays in the litigation, and ultimately throughout the process. Which would be nothing particularly difficult for an experienced lawyer. A consultation of the lawyer also includes the stage of the necessary preparation of the documents.


Bidniahin & Partners Law Firm is a law firm that provides services to legal and natural persons in the market of lawyers and legal services of Dnipro, Ukraine. The experience we have gained enables our clients to receive quality legal assistance in various aspects of the law.


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