Corporate Law

Under Corporate law, as a rule, the system of legal norms regulating the relations within the corporation, which in consequence are objective and connected with them by personal non-contractual relations arising among the participants (founders) of the legal entity, is understood as also among themselves and with the legal entity at use of the given legal entity.

Due to the peculiarities of their objects, subjects and inner relationships, corporations need special legal regulation. Any kind of corporate disputes arises from violation of corporate law. Our law firm will gladly provide you with the services needed to solve such situations and help you to work out the best course of action for your cooperation with all parties involved, so that the conflict is settled in advance.

Here it is to mention that corporate wars, when they have grown to court, often become a factor that has a very negative influence on the achievement of goals set before the operation. However, our lawyers will do everything possible to maximize your participation in such negotiations by accompanying you at all levels.

Registration of a legal person

If you need to register or reorganize a legal entity, then our law firm may also be useful to you. If you contact our law office, you can get a whole range of legal services, such as registration of legal persons and private entrepreneurs, a system of measures for the prevention or mediation of current corporate conflicts, accompaniment in court for participants of agricultural associations and much more.

Other services in the field of corporate law

  •  Reorganization (reorganization, division) of a legal entity;
    • Risk minimization consulting for companies, taking into account the provisions of antitrust, tax and corporation laws;
    • Registration from a branch of a legal entity;
    • Assistance in the selection process of the best legal organizational business form;
    • Advice on division procedures, financing and investment projects, development of effective strategies in management;
    • Consultations for shareholders, registration of securities issues;
    • Legal support of agreements;
    • Legal support in the event of a change in management;
    • Advising in transactions with securities.


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