Legal service at the law firm “Bidniahin and Partners”

The experience we gained in the course of our activity in the field of legal services as well as the understanding of subtleties in the relationships between clients and their opponents enabled us to develop special packages of legal services for every kind of business activity. This approach gives our clients the opportunity to choose specific and desired services.

Services in legal business support

It is absolutely natural for customers to try to decide if they need legal support before going to our law office. This is because most of them already have their own lawyers. To address these concerns, it is important to mention that when you turn to us, you have access to a large collective of experienced professionals, each one of whom is a specialist in his area of ​​law. Such an approach to action allows us to find answers to the complicated and sometimes very confusing questions that have arisen in the course of your job, which your employees can hardly handle.

For our clients, physical persons, we offer our service in the legal package “family lawyer”

Legal service in the “Standard” package


  • Statements and consultations on legal issues (written and oral);
  • Certificates under current legislation;
  • Preparation of contracts and their appraisal;
  • Preparation of documents for court proceedings;
  • Representation of clients and their defense in all offices and institutions, regardless of their form of ownership or administration;
  • Making inquiries and obtaining documents or their copies from local administrative bodies, companies and organizations;
  • Systematization, summary of judicial and other cases, practices in the constitution and performance of contracts, outcome of objections, preparation of suggestions for troubleshooting and inaccuracies in the further work of the organization.

Legal service in the package “Premium”

Package “Standard +”:

  • Participation in court cases and execution of cases (except for criminal cases);
  • Accompaniment, completion and termination, amendment of contracts; 
  • Registration and legalization of entities of entrepreneurial activity; 
  • Participation in the development of local standard regulations in the company and mediation of labor disputes.

Legal service in the package “Elite”

Package “Premium +”:

  • Accompaniment in corporate legal relationships;
  • Representation and defense of the client in the Public Prosecutor’s Office and in the institutions of the preliminary investigation;
  • Services of the liquidator;
  • Family lawyer services for company leaders.


Bidniahin & Partners Law Firm is a law firm that provides services to legal and natural persons in the market of lawyers and legal services of Dnipro, Ukraine. The experience we have gained enables our clients to receive quality legal assistance in various aspects of the law.


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