Family and inheritance law

One of the most delicate areas of the activity of our law firm may well include family and inheritance law services. This type of activity requires special attention because family law regulates the relationships that arise between family members: between parents and children, spouses, adoptive parents and children, grandparents, great-grandparents, grandchildren, etc.

 As a rule, the following services are claimed most frequently:

  • Assistance of the lawyer in divorce;
  • solving issues of ownership and personal relationships within the family or with other relatives; 
  • Legal advice on inheritance issues.

Family lawyer and family lawyer services

The basis for establishing legal relationships in the family is: marriage or divorce, adoption or childbirth, care for the aged or childcare, etc.

People at our firm understand very well that family disputes are not just a simple psychological and moral challenge for anyone involved in the process. That is why you can ask our highly trained and experienced lawyers who specialize in family law for help if you need the services of a family lawyer. 

We, as specialists in family law, are sure that most of the family disputes must be resolved calmly through appropriate contracts and agreements. Nevertheless, if that seems impossible, one must certainly use the only correct means: judicial mediation of the family dispute.

Counseling and help from a family lawyer

It is also necessary to mention such services as the help of a family lawyer, which is claimed when a consultation in the preparation of a legacy or a marriage contract. In addition to securing your legal protection and that of your family members, you can also rely on legal protection through expert advice. Families with a family lawyer are always aware of the serious legal consequences of certain acts or events. If necessary, the family lawyer is always ready to appear on the spot and provide all the legal assistance needed.


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