olitical party is meant an association, organization founded on voluntary basis of citizens, supporters of a certain general development of the society. The main goal of any party is to gain the power of the state to promote the expression and formation of the political will of the people. In addition, the associations actively participate in the elections and other important political events of the state. Their ideology usually expresses each party in the special document: the program.

Starting a new party is a complicated process. Nowadays, the number of cancellations made by the state register in registering the parties is several times that of the registered political associations. You can personally convince yourself when you visit the site of the State Registration Office.

How can a political party be registered?

Implementation of the so-called founding meeting. There, the necessity of the association formation and collection of the signatures of supporters is decided. In addition, in such a meeting, control and governing bodies must be elected and the program and statute confirmed. All resolutions have to be logged.
Collection of 10 thousand signatures of citizens of Ukraine. Make sure that only the signatures of the eligible voters are over the age of 18 years. 2/3 of them must fall to the rayons, and 2/3 to areas and the capital.
Document preparation and submission for registration.
Registration of the party in the relevant state office, obtaining the registration certificate of the political party, the confirmed program and statute.
Recording of party information to the state register of physical and legal persons.

What documents are needed to register a political party?

  • Information about the idea of ​​creating an association.
  • Collected signatures of the citizens (strictly according to the valid law) about the support of the decision to create the organization.
  • Information about the line:
  • The surname, first name and fathers name, date of birth, position and job, contact numbers, identification number of the chairman; 
  • The surname, first name, fathers name, registration address and date of birth, position and job, contact numbers of senior members of the association (of the Council, the highest council, the political council). The party chairperson should be represented in executive bodies; 
  • The surname, first name and fathers name, registration address and date of birth, position and job, contact numbers of the members of the association’s review body. Of all the members of this body, the chairperson must be elected.
  • Payment of the required registration fee of 110 uncontrolled minimum income. 
  • Information about the financial institution where the bank account is opened. 
  • Legal address of the party. A letter from the premises owner confirming his ownership or the right to rent the premises. A physical person must also specify all full-time persons registered in these premises. (Form 3).

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