Services of a lawyer or an advocate

It is no secret that legal services in Ukraine are very widely represented. When choosing a lawyer, one should not pay too much attention to the situation of the lawyer, his office or the cost of your services, but rather to his professional qualities and his ability to quickly assess the processes that are developing.

 If you seek help from our law firm’s attorneys, you will receive 100% assistance from our professionals who know in detail the applicable law and any subtleties of the legislation and process standards that can and can respond quickly and responsibly. 

The principles of assistance of the lawyers of our law office are based on several years of work experience, on detailed knowledge and understandings of subtleties of the processes.

Legal services include:

  • Services of a lawyer at a high professional level;
  • Protecting the rights and freedoms of the customer through any lawful methods; 
  • A comprehensive solution to difficult legal tasks and difficult-to-solve legal issues; 
  • Personal and professional dealings with each customer; 
  • Full compliance with secrecy.

Our lawyers represent your interests in the use of vast accumulated practical experience, regardless of the stage of your trial.

Taking into account the realities and specific circumstances of the case, the lawyers of our law firm “Bidniahin and Partners” are committed to developing a step-by-step strategy and a clear plan of action to protect your rights, interests and freedoms. The comprehensive treatment of the case reveals all the possibilities to defend oneself successfully, which considerably increases the chances of a positive outcome.

Services of a lawyer in Dnipro

The most important task for our law firm is to help every client who has turned to us who is in a difficult situation to protect his or her legal rights, interests and freedoms. The basic principle of the activity of each lawyer in our law office has been developed in the course of our many years of practical experience and successfully implemented in everyday life.

Services of a professional lawyer do not end with the representation of interests and defense in court. If you contact us, you can also defend your rights before governmental authorities, social organizations, local government bodies, and other institutions.

Legal services as well as consultations can also be claimed abroad, in the area of ​​other countries.

Legal advice to a lawyer is the first step in solving legal issues of any difficulty. Our law firm provides expert advice in civil, administrative, labor, family, tax, economic, criminal and other legal matters.

Consultations at the law firm “Bidniahin and Partners” are carried out by qualified lawyers who have extensive experience in legal assistance, who know well not only theoretical but also practical aspects of legal application. Our professionals are constantly taking part in continuing education seminars, which allows our law firm to provide legal services incorporating current trends and legislative approaches. 

Our clients can expect to receive expert and timely legal advice covering all areas of current Ukrainian and international legislation.

Efficient legal support

A consultation involves a legal assessment of the existing situation in its base, advice and remarks of a professional, which involve a legally qualified and well-founded solution of the problem that arose before the client. A competent lawyer of our law firm attentively learns the peculiarities of the existing situation, assesses the prospects for further handling of the case, explains the course of action for further proceedings or warns against carrying out certain steps. The client receives suggestions as to the justification of his position and the appropriate course of action, which is elaborated with the specificity of the case, which he can then apply for the successful solution of the problem.

The lawyer also tells about possible consequences of certain actions on the part of the client and recommends optimal ways to solve the existing problem, which are justified by appropriate legal standards and confirmed by court practice. The lawyers advise each client individually and recommend the solutions that best suit the case at hand.

Legal advice in Dnipro

Our law office “Bidniahin and Partners” provides a highly qualified, effective and confidential legal assistance on all levels of difficulty.

For telephone consultations call us on +38 (056) 375-94-82 or visit us in the office.

Expert legal support helps you to find a right solution in every situation and to successfully solve all existing problems.


Bidniahin & Partners Law Firm is a law firm that provides services to legal and natural persons in the market of lawyers and legal services of Dnipro, Ukraine. The experience we have gained enables our clients to receive quality legal assistance in various aspects of the law.


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