Land rights

A special direction in our services is problem solving in matters of land law and real estate services. Once you talk about land rights disputes, the experts know that things get pretty complicated. That the land law disputes are complicated is due to several factors:

  •  There is private property only recently, so that now you could not gain as much experience as you solve the land rights disputes.
  • Land ownership has been incorporated into civil law as a possession object against the background of many political disagreements, which can still be traced in many incompatibilities and collisions in the law to regulate land law.
  • Land is one of the most prized possessions around which disputes arise, as well as questions about all other real estate.

Legal advice in land law

Land disputes are conflicts and disagreements regarding infringement of property by third parties in matters of land ownership or land use.

As subjects of the land law persons and institutions, as well as the government can occur, whereby the land property right is considered as object. As a rule, various land disputes are caused by incorrectly registering or not recognizing the property, as well as by occupying a non-owned property, violating the rules of the service and the neighborhood, re-determining the rules, or that the leased property is not used properly.


Legal advice in land law at our law firm

If you contact our law firm, you will receive detailed advice on land law and property management services, so that you can resolve any issue in this regard. Not only can our experts advise you on all the details of land disputes, but you can also work out a specific course of action after clarifying the details so that you can expertly defend your interests and legal rights in court or other governmental bodies.


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