Services of a lawyer

Administrative offense. What is part of it? How can one protect oneself against unlawful acts of authorities and offices?

The lawyer, who has a great deal of experience in administrative cases, offers you protection against wrongful or unlawful punishment! Not every citizen can answer the question of what belongs to the administrative offenses and what their nature is. However, very often you have to deal with situations such as violations of traffic rules, administrative penalties, various fines or administrative disputes because of cessation of activity, and reminders of sanctions for unpaid fines for receipts and so on.

There is a law that provides for administrative responsibilities in the various unlawful acts of individuals and legal persons, such as:

Reminders (in writing)
Withdrawal  of the driver’s license
Administrative arrest of real estate
Termination of any company activities for a period of time

Most cases of all administrative offenses are, statistically, violations of traffic rules. Some agree with the demands of the traffic police and accept the fine, while others disagree and want to prove their rights before the court.

Violations of the traffic rules often lead to withdrawal of driving license. In some cases, much more severe punitive measures are taken if the driver has caused an accident. As a result, a criminal case can be opened. What should you do if you disagree with the behavior of the traffic police or with the court verdict?

You definitely need help from our lawyer for administrative cases!

It may be that you are an educated person and could independently deal with all the obvious and less obvious difficulties in legal documents, rules, judgments, case handling. It could also be that you could easily prepare the documents for the court yourself. If that is it, then everything is excellent! However, it is not certain that the basic knowledge is sufficient to prove your right and your innocence. For that very reason, even before you go to the court, it is desirable to seek specialist advice from a well-trained, experienced lawyer for administrative cases, who:

  • Analyzes your situation in details, clarifies the allegations, finds contradictions, and draws up a plan of action;
  • supports you at his best in writing your application to the court;
  • If necessary, you will be accompanied and assisted in the course of the trial, for example, with the insurance.

All consultations can be carried out in writing or verbally according to your requests. The attorney specializing in administrative violations may acquaint you with the court process requirements by making a complete list of all court-required documents for an appeal. If it really came to a question of the administrative case, an experienced lawyer suggests to you simple variants for the solution in the specific case.

As a result, counseling can help in the following cases:

Change of case, reduction of fines Return of the vehicle Return of the driver’s license


The lawyer or administrative lawyer can also help in many cases involving a number of administrative violations. You can count on administrative cases with the help of the lawyer if you need help in the following cases:

  • Violation of civil rights guaranteed by the Constitution;
  • Infringements that result in injury to your health or violations of sanitary-epidemiological rules and regulations in the use of living spaces or in social sites (in medical assistance, in food contact points, in full-time outlets, in activities that violate social order);
  • Infringement of property rights – unauthorized occupation of buildings, premises, land, damage or destruction of property belonging to other persons, infringement of rights such as: patent, author’s, inventor’s rights and alike;
  • Violations of civil rights at electoral events, in popular polls, local elections;
  • Violations of the law in business activities, in the field of computing, in activities in global networks, “trolling” in social networks;
  • Violations of the right to areas of tax and financial activities;
  • Infringements of the right to a visa waiver or the laws governing customs activities.


Administrative services of a lawyer 

Lawyer services for administrative cases in practice, you can see that most disputes are resolved before the court session, when an experienced lawyer deals with disputes on administrative occasions. Excellent knowledge of legal finesse, security in one’s legal position, strong legal basis – this causes the judges to doubt whether there are enough facts for an indictment to prove the person’s guilt, and as a result makes the case look futile.

The law firm “Kulakov, Bidniahin and Partners” is ready to provide services of highly qualified lawyers having a huge experience in the field of arbitration of administrative matters and legal defense of clients before the court. Excellent knowledge of the laws, active legal positions of the lawyers of our law firm make it possible to win in disputes even in difficult conditions and complicated situations.

Services of lawyers for administrative cases are:

  • Analysis of the documents written after the discovery of the administrative offense, assessment of possible success in the case;
  •  Definition of strategy in preparation and tactics in carrying out the case;
  •  Collecting documents and presenting them in court in the given administrative matter;
  •  Summons of people in court who wrote the protocols on the infringement – employees of the Ministry of Interior, the traffic police;
  •  Summons witnesses to the case in court and their interrogation;
  • Proof of evidence in court about violations of the rules when documenting the administrative case;
  •  Search, collection and submission to court of additional information in the matter about the administrative violations;
  •  Preparation and appeal against the court verdict (if necessary);
  •  Advocacy, legal defense during all court sessions in the presence and absence of clients; Conducting the case by requesting a complaint to third parties;
  •  Objection to the sentence regarding a fine.

If you engage an experienced and trained lawyer in good time, you will have the opportunity to save your personal time, to spare your nerves, and to successfully decide the matter of dispute for yourself.

In all cases, quality is more important than price. Your good self-esteem, your health, rest, retention of property, keeping your company, your ability to continue, realizing your rights under applicable law, without the presence of representatives of different offices and strangers in your life and without a constant pressure on you – all means one: high quality of life and that’s worth a lot!

You do not have to wait for a court verdict to hire a lawyer! A lawsuit means that you are in fact a defendant, and a solution in your favor has become more difficult. However, you have the right to hire a lawyer in the pre-trial phase. You have the right to conclude a permanent contract. Such state of affairs and regular guidance as well as availability of a consultant in legal matters makes it easier to solve many issues and questions in all areas of life – from doing business and working with business partners to the simplest living conditions.