A private company can only be mentioned in the Civil Code. This is a company that carries out its activities as follows:

Based on the private property of some persons (citizens) or a person, with or without employees;
Based on the ownership of a legal person, the economic subject.

The founder of a private company is a physical person, without restrictions on the number of participants, or a single legal entity.

A private company is considered as having been registered in the single state register.

Specialists of our law firm offer the following services in registration of a private company:

  • Drafting of statutory documents (statute, decision on incorporation);
  • Implementation of the state registration of the private company;
  • Preservation of the extract from the statistical office, stamp production;
  • Help with the registration in the tax office;
  • Assistance in registering for the pension fund as a payer of the uniform amount for compulsory social insurance.

Documents required for registering a private company:

  • A passport copy (of the Ukrainian citizen, founder of the private enterprise), of the foreign citizen (with exact translation), copy of the residence permit for persons without nationality;
  • Copies of Ukrainian citizens occupying senior positions; 
  • Copies of the identification tax number issued to owners and managers; 
  • A power of attorney for the representation of the private company during the state registration of the economic subject with the signature of the director; 
  • After completing the state registration, the private company’s lease is required.