Contract preparation and contract law

A contract that is properly drafted is considered an instrument that very often has a direct impact on the success of any economic activity. The contract form makes it possible to clearly define the relations between contracting parties, to determine the price (the cost) of goods and services.

It is necessary to understand that contract making is an important part of any thing, and if you do not pay enough attention to it, it can be a reason for considerable problems.

It is important to emphasize that proper contract preparation is an important tool in the customer’s retention of interests. It is well known that a contract is an agreement between persons leading to the modification, termination or creation of rights and obligations of the contracting parties.

Contracting in Ukraine

The help of an expert experienced in the field of law when signing a contract or creating a contract is one of the most effective protection options for your own rights. One has to mention individually that (from practical experience) when contracting is wrong, it may concern the interests of people whose existence one did not suspect at contract conclusion, so that it could lead to significant problems later on. Based on our extensive experience in the field of contract law, we can offer you our expert assistance in contract preparation, so that the contract can help you solve the tasks and protect you from unexpected problems. When you make use of the contract offer, you will not only get lawfully produced documents, but also an all-round analysis of your needs in contracts for your economic activity.

Analysis and evaluation of contracts

Reviewing a contract that has been submitted to you is another very efficient way to protect your rights. Because of the analysis, you will get a conclusion as to whether this document corresponds to valid laws. You will also get an expert opinion on the contract’s descriptions of financial and legal risks that may affect your economic activity, corrections and changes to individual points of the contract for a clear and correct understanding.

The vast experience in the area of ​​contract law allows our professionals to carry out the preparation and assessment of contracts at various levels, as well as to maximally protect their interests and regulate economic activities.

Service in contract production

In the field of contract law, we are pleased to offer you the following services:

  • drawing up contracts for all levels of difficulty, as well as advice on any issues in this area;
  • Defense of clients in negotiations in the course of modification, termination or conclusion of contracts; 
  • Legal assessment of customer contracts; 
  • Analysis and constitution of contracts for foreign trade; 
  • Constitution of the contracts, which are not provided for in the current legislation, according to the principle “What is not forbidden is allowed”, as well as mixed contracts; 
  • Arranging arbitrary remarks, advising on the choice of guarantee types for the execution of the obligations; 
  • Client defense in court, arbitrary arbitration arising in the execution of the contract, escort in the arbitration court; 
  • Creating effective mechanisms for customer defense (claims settlement, responsibilities of committed parties, etc.);
  • Support in tenders, competitions, auctions, as well as consultations on all topics in this area; 
  • ensuring the state registration of contracts and notarial certifications; 
  • Validation of uniform counterclaims; 
  • Debt transfer, assistance with assignment of claims; 
  • Advice on contract validity.


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