An assessment is a substantiated judgment of an expert on damage or pecuniary loss in the term of money at the time of evaluation according to the procedure provided for by the legislation, taking into account all external circumstances. Especially with the consideration of possible expenses / income, which the object can bring in certain circumstances in the course of its usage, which result in the practical use of the object to be inspected.

The possessions to be assessed are objects in factual form, buildings and installations (including their indispensable parts), equipment, machines, cars and so on; Securities, shares; Active non-material type including copyrighted property.

Ownership rights that are to be appraised are any rights associated with material objects, including the right that is part of the property right (right of use, possession or disposal), as well as rights of a special nature (rights of use for mineral resources, rights to one or the other activity and so on) and claims.

Our experts achieve success in all arising questions in the course of opposition to results of other expert opinions and are pleased to be able to offer you our services in escort and defense in court in case of such actions.

In addition, our law firm’s experts have vast experience in practical assessment work.

Based on recommendations for assessment types, we make expert evaluations of your objects in the shortest possible time, in detail:

  • Expert decisions on land;
  • Expert decisions on real estate; 
  • Expert decisions on equipment, including all prices fixed for practically all objects: equipment, installations, computers, assembly lines and technological complexes, cars, propulsion units, furniture, office equipment, office equipment, household items and other objects; 
  • Evaluation of cars and other means of transport; 
  • Evaluation of ships and other vessels; 
  • Evaluation of aircraft and other aircraft; 
  • Evaluation of production and other furniture.


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