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Our law firm was founded in 2008 by partners who clearly understood that the experience gained by each of them enables clients of the company to receive quality legal assistance in various aspects of the law when they apply.

Law Firm "Bidniahin and Partners" 

Law Firm "Bidniahin and Partners" is a legal entity offering legal services to physical and legal persons in Dnipro, Ukraine.

Thanks to our flexibility, our law firm's clients have the opportunity to get just the legal services (link) they need. We have developed and successfully implemented service packages, taking into account the interests of each customer.

Competencies of the law firm

Partners, who have clearly understood that their gained experience allows the firm’s clients to obtain expert legal assistance in various aspects of the law, should they contact us, founded our law firm in 2008. Clients of the law firm have the opportunity to benefit from the experience of not just a single professional, but of a whole team of professionals, each of whom is a professional in his field.

The law firm "Bidniahin and Partners" offers its services to business clients, because their wide range makes it possible to fulfill any tasks also at very short notice, be it document analysis, development of behavioral strategy or legal support of contracts, which accordingly allows our clients in their staying competitive and confident in its legal position.

Principles of the Law Firm "Bidniahin and Partners"

In 2012, the law firm developed its own trademark. The lions are on the move, symbolizing the will to move forward inexorably by also announcing the principle: helping everyone, defending everyone. The dynamic development of the law firm has become possible thanks to the expert team of professionals who have come together through an idea. The most important task facing each member of our team is a complete and comprehensive expert support of the customer within the framework of the tasks imposed on us. Expertise is a special feature of every employee of our team. Every employee of the law office "Bidniahin and Partners" is a trained professional who has a great deal of experience in his job, a flexible and sometimes unorthodox view of complicated situations. Responsibility with which we tackle the problem of each client's problem is one more of the basic principles of the activity of our law firm. By understanding the current state of law, laws and decisions, we can confidently say that every task entrusted to us is done expertly and maximally effectively.



Court of arbitration

Protection of rights in arbitration cases

Family and inheritance law

Resolving property and personal relationships within the family

The European Court of Justice

Legal support of lawyers in the process of sitting .

Land rights

Land law consultancy and land support services

Tax Law, Insurance Law and Finance Law

Legal comprehensive support of financial and banking operations

Intellectual property. Copyright

Intellectual property is the result of a person’s creative .


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Bidniahin & Partners Law Firm is a law firm that provides services to legal and natural persons in the market of lawyers and legal services of Dnipro, Ukraine. The experience we have gained enables our clients to receive quality legal assistance in various aspects of the law.


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