Is it possible to start your own business without investing a lot of money, in short terms and without collecting a whole list of papers? Yes, that is possible! You should only enroll a physical entrepreneur or an entrepreneur. Such a form of activity allows a start-up to begin with minimal time and capital expenditures.

What are the advantages of being a physical entrepreneur?

There are even five of them and they make it possible to successfully start your own business:

  • Creation of a statutory fund is not required;
  • A corporeal entrepreneur is entitled to a simplified taxation; therefore, the services of an accountant are not required; 
  • Since one does not have to pay uniform tax, one can carry out the activity without cash register and commercial patent. 
  • It is not necessary to rent business premises. The business entity is registered according to the registration address, whereby the residential address can also be registered as a business address. 
  • The actual registration takes very little time and the physical entrepreneur can start the business after a few days.

The registration of a physical entrepreneur is obligatory as it legalizes the activity. Among other things, it is much less expensive than the registration of a legal entity. 

We offer the following services in registration of a physical entrepreneur:

  • carrying out the official registration of the physical entrepreneur;
  • Registration of the physical entrepreneur in the tax office; 
  • Registration in the pension fund;
  • Registration of the book for income and expenditure (Form 10).

To be registered as a physical entrepreneur, you should prepare the following documents for our lawyer:

A copy of the passport A copy of the personal identification number Activities by classification of operations


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