Tax Law, Insurance Law and Finance Law

Every entrepreneur’s activities are directly linked to taxes and finances. The term “tax law” refers to the field of law, which regulates relations and defines duties, responsibilities and rights of the sides in the tax area.

The basis of tax law is equality of all taxpayers before the law, general validity of taxation, presumption of legality of decisions of a taxpayer in cases where the legislation or other legal instructions and rules cannot be clearly understood.

Extensive practical experience and in-depth understanding of all the details of the legislation allow our lawyers to efficiently solve all our clients’ questions in this area.

Tax planning and optimization

Our lawyers accompany you not only before or after the tax audits, but also during their implementation, thus making the course of communication with the state organs much more efficient. We are pleased to provide comprehensive legal support of financial and banking related transactions in the financial market, including trade and project finance, acquisition and merger, creation of specific documents, pledge agreements, loan agreements, bank guarantees or garnishments, mortgages; Preparation of documentation packages for equity issues, credit acquisition.

Services in insurance law

Another one of the often sought-after directions of activity of our law firm professionals is insurance law services, which not only provide a complete analysis of legislation in the technical field, but also create a unified legal position in each specific direction. In most cases, clients of insurance agencies are not experts in insurance law, and so you can assess the insurance services offered to you with a full legal analysis and a detailed explanation of possible “edges and corners” in current legal standards of the legislation as well as in the compatible services offered by the insurance. Such an approach allows your interests to be fully protected and completely safe as far as the nature of the insurance services offered is concerned.

It is also worth mentioning that there are cases when our clients get into a difficult situation, where the insurers do not want to fulfill the promises they have contractually made, and reject their fulfillment in one form or another. Extensive experience of the lawyers of our law office makes it possible to solve such complicated tasks for our clients with success.

Main services:

  • Tax optimization;
  • Legal advice in the field of state tax law;
  •  Legal advice on standards of tax law on taxation of transactions involving investments, real estate, currency, copyright;
  • International tax planning;
  • Legal support during official examinations;
  • Tax planning of the budget;
  • Analysis of projects and insurance rules, which are determined by the insurer, of insurance contracts, insurance policies and so on in terms of their effectiveness and compliance with current legislation;
  • Legal advice in the field of insurance and reinsurance.


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