Services of a lawyer

What can the Labor Lawyer offer you?

  •  Advice to the specialist in labor law;
    • Settling disputes in labor law; 
    • Legal assistance in disputes in labor law; 
    • Preliminary settlement of labor disputes.

Disputes in labor law are qualified like this:

Collective – When the dispute arises between the employee collective and the employer on questions of pay or working conditions. Such conflicts are associated with a complicated arbitration procedure and involve the state bodies.
Private – A conflict between the employer and the person who is currently or was in employment with him, or the person who intends to make an employment contract at the appropriate time.

The following conflicts may arise between employee and employer:

  •  The employee does not agree with his transfer to another branch of the organization or to another region;
    • The employee is assigned a position that does not correspond to his educational or qualification level;
    • The employee regularly receives requests from the employer to do overtime work, which was not provided for in the employment contract;
    • The employer does not grant the employee his previously planned leave; 
    • Unlawful dismissal;
    • Late payment;
    • Other reasons for conflicts.

The lawyer for employment law of our law firm explains comprehensively and comprehensibly the rights of the employee to his employer. However, such a situation could also arise from the employee’s own fault. Then the employer can use the labor law for his legal defense.

In such cases:

Absence of the employee in the workplace;
Regular delays to work;
Incorrect execution of obligations or work;
Appear in the workplace in an inappropriate condition;
Other situations.

Our employment lawyer will help you solve the problem in the best way for you!

Help of lawyer for employment law

Our law firm’s attorneys have a great deal of positive experience in settling and resolving labor law conflicts for both individuals and businesses. Experienced lawyers of our team make the following in case of disputes in the field of labor law

Types of help:

  •  Expert advice, written and oral, interpretation of the laws of labor law;
    • Constitution of employment contracts, other contracts, collective agreements;
    • Legal analysis of the dispute, analysis of the legality and lawfulness of the actions of the employer or employee;
    • Arbitration of disputes under labor law;
    • Collection of the amounts after compensation delay; 
    • Legal defense of the employee in the case of unlawful penalties for disciplinary offenses;
    • Legal defense of the employee in the event of unlawful financial liability for the damage allegedly inflicted by this employee to the company, the institution, the organization;
    • Annul the unlawful dismissal of the employee;
    • Accompanying the employee in conciliation committees for labor disputes and court hearings.

The aim of our law office is to professionally and efficiently defend our clients, to provide them with qualified support, to help them effectively so that they receive the desired result in solving legal problems of any difficulty level as soon as possible.