Welfare means a free activity of persons with the aim of providing selfless help to those who absolutely need it. The main reason for creating the foundations and organizations is that some of the fellow citizens understood the importance of each person in the world, of human compassion, goodness, and care for one another.

Therefore, a charitable organization enables to strengthen the realm of the social system in which it is carried out. By law, a charity is a non-governmental institution that has been registered under the laws of Ukraine.


Which charities are there?

There is a classification of charitable organizations depending on their location:

International (you can carry out your activities on an international level)
Ukrainian (active within Ukraine)
Superregional (active in the field of several regions)
Urban (active within a city)
Regional (the activity is limited to an administrative region)

After the targeted people, the charities are split up like this:

  • Charitable institutions;
  • Charitable organizations with membership;
  • Other types – missions, funds.

Help with signing up for a charitable organization


Our law firm provides charitable organization services when founders include physical persons and required documents such as:
  • Copies of the domestic passport of the Ukrainian citizen (founder), the foreign citizen (with translation), copies of residence permit of the foreign citizen or the person without citizenship, copies of documents confirming the granting of the identification number of the founder of the charitable organization;
  • copy of the domestic citizen’s passport for executives, copies of identification numbers for the executives, founders of the charitable organization; 
  • notarized power of attorney for the execution of the application; 
  • documents confirming the address of the charitable organization; 
  • Written confirmation of neighbor agreement if the address of the charity is an apartment.

We are happy to help you to write all the documents listed above.

Our law firm offers charitable organization services when founders are legal entities, and there are required documents that our professionals will be pleased to write for you, such as:
  • 2 photocopies of the document confirming the state registration;
  • Photocopy of the document from the statistical office;
  • Excerpt from the unified state register on the legal person (founder);
  • Photocopy of the statute of the organization, papers certifying the authority of the person to sign documents on behalf of the organization;
  • Documents confirming the address (guarantee letter from the owner of the premises, rental agreement and the like);
  • Written confirmation of the agreement of the neighbors, if the address of the charitable organization is an apartment;
  • Minutes of the founding meeting of all participants with the decision to become the founder of the charitable organization.