Administrative right

In the course of the work of a company or an entrepreneur, necessarily arise eventually the situations when they have to do with state offices.

Administrative law is precisely what the procedural (the system of appeal against official decisions in higher instances, the rules for audit and enforcement, etc.) and material (powers of the offices, the system of offices and their cooperation with legal entities and Private entrepreneurs) standards.

As we well understand the importance of the problems that can arise in the case of cooperation of legal persons or private entrepreneurs with public offices, and since we possess a substantial positive experience in solving such issues, our professionals can rely on principles of quality to support our clients timely and comprehensively, successfully solving such tasks as:

  •  Timely, factual and complete clarification of the circumstances of each particular case and its resolution under applicable law;
    • Defending the rights and freedoms of citizens and people;
    • Defense of legal interests of entrepreneurs and companies.


It should be noted that the representative and defense counsel is admitted in case of an administrative offense as of the protocol constitution. The law firm „Kulakov,
Bidniahin and Partners “provides its clients with the following services in the field of administrative law:

  •  Control of the observance of the law and accompaniment during the execution of examinations on the side of the state institutions;
    • Representation of the rights and interests of legal persons in communication with various state institutions, fire safety controls and sanitary-epidemiological inspections, with the tax office and others;
    • advice on the appropriate behavior during checks; 
    • Legal advice in the client’s actions in case of detection of any violations; 
    • Assessment of legal perspectives in case of any violation of state institutions; 
    • Objection to decisions, actions and reports by higher-level controlling institutions; 
    • Defending the rights and interests of the client in court in actions for resolutions, acts of controlling and regulating institutions; 
    • Legal support of entrepreneurs in contacts or in disputes with state bodies and local administrations; 
    • Legal assistance in case of document seizure.


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