Services of a lawyer

The family law attorney can help solve legal issues in the pre-trial phase, and then directly in court.

Lawyer for family law is:

Help in family disputes of any complexity Defending the plaintiff or the prosecutor in family disputes Preparation of documents, including complaints, in family disputes Advising an experienced lawyer specializing in family law


If all pre-litigation and conflict resolution measures have been unsuccessful and the case has been brought to court, an experienced family law attorney from our law firm is ready to provide expert and effective assistance. Thanks to the positive experience in many successful cases, our lawyers can help by resolving the disputes as quickly and cheaply as possible for the client.

Which family disputes are most often resolved in court?

The list of the most commonly resolved family disputes includes:

  •  Divorce processes with the sharing of jointly acquired property;
    • questions of determining the place of residence of the children after the divorce of the parents;
    • determining the rights and obligations in the maintenance payment for parents and children; 
    • Denial of the validity of the marriage; 
    • issues of care and guardianship; 
    • Finding or denying paternity;
    • Identification of shared housing and household management of a man and woman who have not made an official marriage; 
    • issues of adoption or deprivation of parental rights of one or both parents; 
    • Constitution and presentation of a lawsuit after attempting to export the child abroad from one parent without the knowledge and consent of the other parent; 
    • disputes regarding the participation of a parent in the education of the child; 
    • Issues of inheritance or disputes in matters of inheritance.

The lawyer who has gained a great deal of positive experience in settling family disputes is a firm guarantee of the success of your case! It is undisputed that many people today are educated enough and experienced in many aspects of life. The former partners can independently try to solve their problems in court, to defend their interests, to write court lawsuits, to appear in court. The law allows this action. On the winning side, however, are the people who know the finesse of the legislation better, who master the oratory better. A family lawyer knows all the details that often matter. Of course, a person who seeks help from a lawyer has better chances of successfully deciding what to do.


Benefits of a lawyer for family law

Lawyers for family law provide different services, such as:

  •  Assistance with the drafting of contracts – contracts for alimony, education, marriages;
    • Advocacy of the client during the court sessions; 
    • Oral counseling in matters of family law; 
    • Escort in matters of court execution; 
    • Full or partial withdrawal of the validity of a marriage contract; 
    • Help with collection or direct collection of additional evidence in case of need; 
    • Preparation of the documents that are necessary in the court proceedings; 
    • Detailed legal analysis of the situation, elaboration of the best variants of arbitration of disputes.

Our family law attorney also provides other services, which he details in personal discussions. Every day in matters of family disputes is very important, as the delay in their solution leads to an intensification of the problem.


How is the cost of lawyer services for family law calculated?

Costs for the services of our professionals consists of the following aspects:

  • The amount of time and work required to provide a high level of service;
    • Level of difficulty of the disputes for which the services are provided; 
    • The nature and duration of the cooperation of our law firm with the client; 
    • Specific claims or conditions that arise and require additional services or time limits for the services.