For which entrepreneurs does this type of dissolution come into question? 

For entities of entrepreneurial activity who can successfully pass examinations by state funds and tax office, which have no debts to other enterprises and the state budget.

How does the dissolution of the subject of entrepreneurial activity proceed?

  • The documents necessary for the dissolution are prepared;
  • The mandatory government fees are paid;
  • Documents are submitted to the funds of social insurance, tax office, examination files are prepared;
  • Required documents are submitted to the registration authorities (so that one can later give an indication of the upcoming dissolution);
  • The stamp must be destroyed;
  • The dissolution in the state registration bodies is fulfilled.

The dissolution begins with the decision to cease the activity, which is then published as a consequence in the media and in the state business register. Subsequently, the entrepreneur is logged out of the employment office, the pension fund, the social security fund and the tax office. Please note that the registration of the activity termination is not possible until two months after the publication of the corresponding notice in Media. In the meantime, the organs that deregister the physical entrepreneur must take their examination. At this stage often, problems arise with the tax office, which denies the cancellation until the repayment of all debts (in additional payments, penalties).

The deregistration takes place either after the appropriate payments, or after the objection and its cancellation. All this delays the whole process, of course. Simultaneously with the checks, the bank account is closed, the stamp is destroyed, and the documents are archived. The next step is submitting the documents to the state registrar with the aim of entering the liquidation entry in the business register. Only then does the process become complete.

How fast can you dissolve a physical entrepreneur?

The dissolution of a physical entrepreneur can take quite a lot of time. Sometimes it can take years. Yes, certainly the so-called express method or an alternative resolution procedure of the subject of entrepreneurship exists. In these cases, it is about the ways for the change of address, changes in the management or founders. So the whole procedure is much faster. A legal consultation will help you understand if this way of resolution is for you.

Why do you need such service?

The dissolution of entrepreneurial individuals can seem rather easy at first glance. In reality, everything is very complicated. The dissolution procedure requires knowledge and clear understanding of particular details. In this respect, a self-made dissolution without the presence of certain information can provoke a lengthy audit by the tax office, or take a long time to wait. Let alone the barely pleasant communication with state officials. The best course of action to protect yourself is to involve professionals with great experience in liquidation and registration.

Which documents are necessary for the dissolution procedure?

  •  Evidence (form #4 from the register) of the taxpayer’s registration in the register (for companies and physical entrepreneurs, this is an excerpt from the register, if registered since July 2013);
  • Tax and fund reports (for the duration of the activity);
  • Taxpayer’s certificate (including previous years), license, etc.;
  •  Confirmations of registration (from the pension fund, employment office, social security office for accidents at work, social security office for temporary incapacity for work);
  •  Proof of payment for the single tax (if any);
  • Payroll statements for employees (if available);
  • The state registration certificate (original);
  • The Book of Registration of Income and Information (Form 10);
  • Employment contract (if employees exist);
  • Confirmation via bank account closure;
  • Stamp (if available);
  • Bank statement (if available);
  • Copy of tax identification number, from the passport;
  • Check books etc.

For those who want to undergo this procedure independently, we suggest the following services:

  • Proof exhibition on debt freedom before tax office and pension fund;
  • Constitution of the decision on cessation of activities;
  • Registration of the dissolution notice in the state register;
  • Advice at any stage of the resolution process;
  • Letter to the state registrar;
  • Closure of bank accounts;
  • Destruction of the stamp.

Please note that the following list of documents may vary, depending on the features of each liquidation procedure.


How are the costs calculated and what do the services cost for the dissolution of the physical entrepreneur (physical entrepreneur)?

There are several factors influencing cost formation. Each case, each letter is evaluated individually. The final costs will only be calculated if the client’s order, project, deadlines and workload have been estimated.

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