Which companies (according to their form of ownership) can be dissolved according to the wishes of their owner?

Possible is the dissolution of any forms of business.

In which cases can companies be dissolved at the request of their owners?

Business dissolution of various forms of ownership, except state, and business resolution on owner’s request is only possible under condition of debt settlement to state funds and government budget. Normally, this type of liquidation will initiate entire series of additional tax controls and controls by the Pension Fund of Ukraine. At the voluntary termination of business, you (management and owner) can receive guaranteed protection against criminal, administrative and tax responsibility for the period of business activity of the enterprise.

How exactly does business resolution go by owner’s wish?

This procedure runs through the decision of cessation of activity, its entry to the Unified State Register of Entrepreneurs of Ukraine, conclusion of financial audit and through different funds, entry on business attitude to the Unified State Register of Entrepreneurs of Ukraine.

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Criteria for companies:

  •  No material possession;
    • Presence of stamps and documents;
    • No differences in VAT;
    • Activity in the real economy;
    • No debts to state organs;
    • No employees;
    • Permitted absence at the registration office;
    • No debts in payroll;
    • Professional management of accounting and tax;
    • No debts (credit and debit);
    • No ongoing criminal proceedings against the management.


List of documentation required for the business resolution according to owner’s wishes:

  •  Certificate #4 private entrepreneur registration;
    • Accounting documents;
    • Certificate (if any) for taxes;
    • Power of attorney for advocacy;
    • Taxpayer’s certificate (if available);
    • Square stamp and other stamps;
    • The original of registration certificate of legal entity in state organs;
    • Copies of passports from all senior staff and founders;
    • Contracts that this legal entity has completed in the course of its activities;
    • Copy of registration number of the registration card from the taxpayer.


Did you decide to carry out the procedure independently?

We are ready to offer the following services:

  •  Submission of documents to the archive;
    • Legal support during the examination by pension fund;
    • Legal support during the tax audit;
    • Accommodation of the corresponding notification in media;
    • Disposal of the square stamp and others if necessary;
    • Compilation of the necessary documents for registration of information on dissolution of the LTD in the Unified State Register;
    • Drawing up the necessary documents to confirm the decision to the state authorities;
    • Preparation of the documents necessary for the liquidation of the business (for example, minutes of the shareholders’ meeting, etc.).